Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Story behind the problems

I thought it would be appropriate to explain this blog, now that it's a few weeks old. Full disclosure: I am a high school teacher/marketing director that works daily with teenagers. They make me laugh every day with some of their non-problem-problems so I thought I would write about them. Gretchen is just my pseudonym and I thought it would be fun and entertaining for myself to take things that my students actually complain about and publish them into an advice column. Keep in mind that everything on here was actually complained to me or some of my co-workers and other teachers. I actually teach a class and beg my students to relinquish some of the worst first world problems that they've heard lately. They've been good at helping me dream up "issues" and let me go off on rants about different silly stuff. So I'd like to dedicate this blog to my digital arts students and thank them for being patient with my drama and freak-outs about nothing too. Like I wrote in this post, I was the worst of them all (and probably still am).

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