Monday, March 3, 2014

The Author's very real first world problems at age 13

My best friend growing up just sent me this super embarrassing written letter that I wrote to her when I was 13 (she had moved away to the other side of the country).

2-2-99 8:52 A.M.

Dear Allison, I bet you weren't expecting this. I'm in school right now and I have nothing better to do. I get to sit in the very last row and it's cool, 'cause I can get away with almost anything.

I sit next to Juan and this 7th grader named Ryan. I am sooooooo happy that you are coming! I'm dying to know how you persuaded your mom to let you come! I hope you don't mind, but my mom is going to make us go to school. I would ditch, but my mom would freak out. Algebra is so stupid! Math is supposed to be just numbers. Not letters or science crap! I am very annoyed.

I fight with Nathan all the time because he has this thing where he thinks that he can yell at me for no reason just because I'm his sister. I can't wait to send him to boarding school! What are you doing for Valentine's day? Our school does absolutely nothing. They don't even let people hold hands. I have no boyfriend, no life. It's driving me crazy! There are no fine guys anywhere! It's like they see me coming and they just flee. I'm not that ugly. There is this one guy on our street named Joey. He's like 14 or 15. Joey is a total skater and not very cute. I don't see very much of him anyways. So for Valentine's I'm just gonna buy myself a big box of chocolates and ice cream and other junk and just stuff myself. I will wallow in my misery.

Have you seen any good movies lately? I want to see Varsity Blues and She's All That. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Felipe's birthday is today or tomorrow. He's 15. He sure doesn't act like it. Well, I want to be written back to, so make sure you write back. I'm sorry I kind of plunked my problems on you, but that's pretty much all that's happened here.
Rika P.S. Please please please write back.
Here's one more dorky picture of me for your viewing pleasure.


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