Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Gretchen,
Recently I really wanted to chew some gum so I found a friend with a stick of mint gum. After chewing it for a few minutes, I went to drink some water out of the drinking fountain and my whole head froze! It wrecked my whole day. What do I do? #firstworldproblems
-Frozen Face
Gum froze face
Dear Frozen Face,
That sounds like the worst day ever. I’m sorry that you were trying to use a stick of gum to cover up the fact that you were too lazy to brush your teeth. I do the same thing sometimes too. And don’t you hate it when you accidentally eat something orangey after brushing your teeth? Gross! Now, you’re wondering what to do to prevent a situation like this in the future. First of all, take four seconds to think about your thirst next time you pop in a piece of gum. Get a drink before, maybe drink like 50 sips to get you nice and hydrated. Your other option is to turn on the sink’s hot water after you start chewing your gum and melt that frozen face away! Or, the next time you feel like gum is ruining your day, think about all the starving kids in Africa who only get to chew gum once in their lifetime and be happy you get to chew fresh gum the first time around. That is a very real first world problem!


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