Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bangs! The Ultimate First World Problem

A few months ago, I was craving change. I had been recently stuck on the couch after an epic dodge ball accident and begged the husband to get me out of there. So we went to Canada.

While surveying the lovely downtown Vancouver area, I had that same feeling of change-craving. I'm not committed enough to go full throttle by getting a tattoo so I made the impulse decision to try an image revolutionizing trick that would totally make my dreams come true. In that cloudy afternoon right on the sea front in an Aveda salon, I got the first bangs I've had since 6th grade.

Fast forward---they should have given me a manual for taking care of these things! They have a mind of their own! Below is what my morning routine consists of and no Youtube tutorial has adequately taught me the right or best way to wrestle with these wispy hairs.

First world problem-Bangs!

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